Solaris Plug and Play Motorsport ECU

For those seeking motorsport performance from their Impreza Solaris is the key. With features such as Anti Lag, Launch Control and Full throttle shifting you can give your Impreza, racecar sound, feel and performance.

Tein Superwagon

Due to a high demand for customers wanting more focused handling from their Forester we are now offering the tein superwagon suspension units to give a solution to their needs.

Gumball 2010

We have currently been building a 2004 sti impreza to be run in the gumball rally 2010 utilising a range of our performance packages.

Tein Basic

With the fault of knocking shock absorbers ever common on the impreza we have come up with a budget solution which improves ride quality and performance at the same time.

Yokohama AD08 Street Tyre

We are pleased to offer yokohamas latest performance tyre the AD08, developed by the industry’s top engineers to be the fastest street tyre in the world.

GRD Wide Angle Motorsport Camera

GRD are pleased to announced the arrival of our new Wide Angle Motorsport Camera for Track Day use.

Japfest 2009

GRD Cars were again present on the Millers Oil stand and also used the opportunity to shake down both the GRD Stage 4 517.4bhp / 465ftlb STI and the new GRD Stage 1 351.0bhp / 380ftlb MY08 STI.

GRD announce MY08 STI Tuning Package

We are pleased to announce that we have a MY2008 Type UK STI as a project car from which to develop our Tuning Packages on Subaru's latest model Impreza.

GRD STI Stage 4 car makes 517.4bhp / 465ftlb Torque

GRD STI Stage 4 cars makes 517.4bhp / 465ftlb Torque running on VPower and 15% methanol.

New Stage 0.5 Performance Packages

Our budget WRX and STI Performance Packages are designed to give maximum performance for minimum cost and are fully MOT emissions compliant. Check out our WRX and STI Tuning Packages for more information.

London air ambulance support vehicle

When the London Air Ambulance Helicopter cant fly they are forced to use cars for emergency rsponse. We were asked to extract more performance from one of their 2002 STI Impreza's.

Time Attack 2008

James Greenwood is to contest the 2008 Time Attack series.


We are now an Offical Dealer for Tein offering the Super Street Suspension package as well as Strut Braces. We have also included the Super Steet in out Stage 3 Handling Packages for WRX & STI.


We are now an Official Dealer for Speedline Wheels and will be offering the Turini & GT1 from their range.

Japanese Performance Magazine

Japanese Performance Magazine visited us to test drive our GRD STI Stage 4 Demo Car.

Brembo Gold Front Caliper Pack

Limited offer 2 sets available, perfect upgrade to give your wrx sti braking performance. Discs and pads covered under 5000 miles and in excellent condition. £1036.45 inc. VAT Fitted.

Powerflex Products

We are now an official supplier of Powerflex Suspension Bushes.

Greenwood Racing Developments based in Chobham, near Woking, Surrey specialise in Tuning Packages for the new age Subaru Impreza's (STI & WRX) 2001>. We offer a full range of parts, tuning and servicing, for all Subaru years and models.

The aim of our Packages is to transform your car to give rounded performance where drivability, handling and reliability are not sacrificed for the sole persuit of maximum power figures. We have access to a Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road where we provide a full Mapping and Rolling Road service including EcuTek Remaps, fully Re-Mapable ECU Mapping and single Dyno runs to test your cars performance and setup. After which we will provide you with detailed printouts of your car's performance.

The parts used in our Packages and supply as single items have been specifically selected for their performance and reliability after vigorous testing by us on Rolling Road Sessions, Track and day to day driving out on the road. We are also keen to stress that regular servicing using correct techniques, fluids and parts is cruical for the smooth reliable running of your car - especially after your car has been tuned.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone 07973 787812 or E-mail

We look forward to hearing from you.