GRD STI '03 Stage 1 - 341.8BHP / 325ftlb Torque Running Millers Octane Boost (+2Ron) And Shell V-Power Fuel

This car has the following Packages installed.

GRD STI Stage 1 Tuning Package With Optional Extras

GRD Race Exhaust System - Weighing in at just 16KG`s this exhaust is possibly the lightest on the market - a massive 40% lighter than the standard system. Using fully slip jointed stainless steel construction this exhaust gives exceptionally good flow as it utilises a very straight and smooth exhaust path.

Specification is as our Drag Exhaust System but instead re-vents exhaust gas from the screamer pipe back into the mainpipe reducing noise levels to help comply with both track and road regulations.

Free Flow Air Box Panel Filter - High performance replacement for the original panel air filter. Constructed from a cotton weave which increases air flow by upto 40%.

Syntek Motorsport Fuel Pump - A crucial part to any engine modifications, is the ability to reliably supply your engine with enough fuel. This pump directly replaces the standard unit and has the ability to supply 2.25 litres per minute @ 5 bar pressure. The standard pump generates 1.1 litres per minute @ 5 bar.

EcuTek ECU - We use EcuTek software to reprogram your ECU via the diagnostic port of the car. We retain all the car's clever electronics but re-map ignition curves, fuel maps and the closed loop boost control system. The ECU remains programmable so if in the future something needs to be changed then we can. The only way to tell that that either conversion has been performed is to drive the car. There are no visual clues. Even the Subaru diagnostic tool does not show that the ECU has undergone brain surgery.

Rolling Road Tested - Our Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer measures engine power via the driving wheels in an accurate and repeatable method. Your vehicle's dyno runs are recorded in real time, and printed out in full color for your records.

Optional Extras

Exhaust Downpipe Heat Wrapped - This serves 2 purposes. To reduce heat soak into the engine bay and to keep the internal pipe wall temperatures up to aid the removal of waste gases through the exhaust system.

GRD Water Spray System - The system automatically sprays the intercooler when the turbo boost pressure reaches a preset and fully adjustable level. This helps to reduce charge temperates, which in tern allows greater ignition advance giving a significant rise in Horsepower and Torque levels. The car's standard intercooler spray warning light also gives warning of low water levels making this system reliable and easy to use.