GRD STI PPP - 321.4BHP / 300ftlb Torque Running Millers Octane Boost (+2Ron) And Shell V-Power Fuel

This car has the following Packages installed.

GRD STI PPP Tuning Package

Shell V-Power & Octane Plus - If an octane booster is used in conjunction with an ECU remap then Our Millers Octane Plus +2 Ron Octane booster will increase both peak HP and Torque by around 3% over standard fuel, but in some cases we have seen mid range power increase by as much as 10%. This is because the increase in the Ron rating of the fuel means that it increases the fuels ability to resist detination. So, we are able to advance ignition timing when mapping to help generate better performance. At 4.00 per 50 litre treatment it makes for a very cost effective power increase and also increases the safety of your engine due to the added consistency of fuel quality that our octane boosters provide.

GRD Cold Air Intake - By eliminating the standard airbox resonator and snorkel we are able to source cold air directly from custom vents in the front foglight cover. This helps to dramatically increase airflow to the standard airbox, lowering inlet temperates and in turn give a significant increase in both power and torque.

This package does require STI foglight covers, however we can offer these as an option on most WRX models.

EcuTek ECU - We use EcuTek software to reprogram your ECU via the diagnostic port of the car. We retain all the car's clever electronics but re-map ignition curves, fuel maps and the closed loop boost control system. The ECU remains programmable so if in the future something needs to be changed then we can. The only way to tell that that either conversion has been performed is to drive the car. There are no visual clues. Even the Subaru diagnostic tool does not show that the ECU has undergone brain surgery.

Rolling Road Tested - Our Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer measures engine power via the driving wheels in an accurate and repeatable method. Your vehicle's dyno runs are recorded in real time, and printed out in full color for your records.