GRD WRX Stage 1 - 331.8BHP / 378ftlb Torque

This car has the following Packages installed.

GRD WRX Stage 1 Tuning Package

GRD Sport Exhaust System - Weighing in at just 16KG`s this exhaust is possibly the lightest on the market - a massive 40% lighter than the standard system. Using fully slip jointed stainless steel construction this exhaust gives exceptionally good flow as it utilises a very straight and smooth exhaust path.

Fully Road Legal and MOT friendly this exhaust has all the same features as the GRD Race Exhaust System but uses a 300 CELL Sports Catalitic Convertor to help it to conform with current MOT exhaust emmisions requirements. This will however reduce exhaust gas flow, slightly reducing potential power output especially on high power applications. Our chosen manufacturer has vast amounts of experiance in motorsport exhaust design and fabrication including building the exhaust system for the McLaren F1 LM where with the help of there free flowing exhaust managed to raise power from 627HP on the standard car to 680HP on the LM.

Free Flow Air Box Panel Filter - High performance replacement for the original panel air filter. Constructed from a cotton weave which increases air flow by upto 40%.

EcuTek ECU - We use EcuTek software to reprogram your ECU via the diagnostic port of the car. We retain all the car's clever electronics but re-map ignition curves, fuel maps and the closed loop boost control system. The ECU remains programmable so if in the future something needs to be changed then we can. The only way to tell that that either conversion has been performed is to drive the car. There are no visual clues. Even the Subaru diagnostic tool does not show that the ECU has undergone brain surgery.

Rolling Road Tested - Our Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer measures engine power via the driving wheels in an accurate and repeatable method. Your vehicle's dyno runs are recorded in real time, and printed out in full color for your records.

GRD Stage 1 Brake Package

EBC Red Stuff Ceramic Pads Front & Rear - This is a truly impressive fast road pad for repeated heavy braking. It emits far less dust than semi-metallic pads and has been proven to stop a saloon car 13 metres quicker than OEM pads from 100mph/160kph. Features EBC Brake-InTM surface coating which conditions rotor surface and accelerates pad bed-in.

EBC Turbo Groove Discs Front & Rear - The wider slot actually draws cool air across the pad surface keeping pads and rotors cooler. They also expel dust, dirt and hot gases better than fine slots which eventually fill with rust and scale and become ineffective in our opinion. The blind drilled holes break down surface gases when braking from speed but do not weaken the rotor cross section as can happen with through drilling, thereby lessening the chance of rotors cracking over time and heavy use.