Currently under development is our new 2.5lt closed deck engine.

This engine will benefit from the displacement and torque of the EJ25 2.5lt open deck engine(as found on the new MY06 Imprezas) combined with the strength of the EJ20 2lt closed deck engine. This engine came about after testing the EJ25 engine where it was found the open deck feature of the block allowed for the piston liners to balloon and fail when used for high power applications. That is why our new Block features Thicker Stronger Liners and still retains the Closed Deck feature for additional strength. We will be offering this block in various specifications, starting with our `budget` version with capability of up to 600HP to our Full Race engine which with sufficient ancillaries could deliver up to 1000HP! This block will also be compatible with all Impreza Heads.

Already available is our range of custom forged engine builds, utilising 2lt, 2.2lt Closed deck blocks and the 2.5 open deck block with forged cranks with different stroke options, conrods, pistons, strengthened liners and oversized head studs along with custom cylinder heads with porting and uprated valve train to suit.

We offer a full fitting service and can also supply uprated gearboxes on request.