GRD STI Stage 4 car makes 485.1BHP / 415ftlb Torque

GRD STI Stage 4 cars makes 485.1BHP / 415ftlb Torque on Bio-Methanol fuel, becoming the highest powered Subaru running a standard engine and standard ECU in the UK*.

This was achieved using a special group N rally car ECU map, which also includes an anti lag strategy which the car is presently running!

We will shortly be testing the car with both Standard Shell V-Power unleaded fuel and also VP 109ron unleaded race fuel. The later we are hoping will push 500HP.

Stay tuned for results.


Update: 24/05/07

Testing with VP 109ron Oxigenated Racing Gas produced a result of 504.3BHP / 444ftlb Torque.

* To the best of our knowledge.


Update: 18/03/09

18 months later and still going strong...

517.4bhp / 465ftlb Torque running on VPower and 15% methanol.

This figure was achieved after 160 dyno runs, 1 track day, 2 races and 5500 miles of hard weekend driving.

We think that this is proof that with good tuning big power can be reliable.