GRD STI Stage 3 - 402.8BHP / 355ftlb Torque Running Millers Octane Boost (+2Ron) And Shell V-Power Fuel

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This car has the following Packages installed.

GRD STI Stage 3 Tuning Package With Optional Extras

APS SR40 Turbo - Specialist performance turbocharger with performance characteristics to suit modified engines of 2.0 - 2.2 L capacity. The SR40 turbocharger has the capacity to supply air to produce 440 hp with good turbocharger response characteristics.

GRD 3" Straight Thru' De-Cat Stainless Steel Exhaust System - Optimum gas flow and minimal exhaust back pressure is essential for high power. Exhaust system design parameters immediately after the turbocharger are critical not only for outright performance, but for optimum torque and turbo response. Free Flowing Catalytic Converters to suit this exhaust are available.

GRD Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold And Turbo UpPipe - Made from high grade stainless steel pipe work, flanges and smooth flowing joining faces thus removing and kind of gas flow restriction. This results in an increase in torque, engine response and a smoother delivery of power.

Hyperflow Top Mount Intercooler - At nearly 2.5 times the volume of the standard intercooler, the Hyperflow Top Mount Intercooler is absolutely the largest top mount intercooler that is practical to install in the late model STI vehicles.The larger surface area generates a lower intake air temperature allowing greater ignition advance and more power.

Hyperflow Wing Mount Air Intake - Unlike ram pods which source hot air from under the bonnet, this system delivers cold air from the inner guard for optimum engine performance.

Syntek Motorsport Fuel Pump - A crucial part to any engine modifications, is the ability to reliably supply your engine with enough fuel. This pump directly replaces the standard unit and has the ability to supply 2.25 litres per minute @ 5 bar pressure. The standard pump generates 1.1 litres per minute @ 5 bar.

EcuTek ECU - We use EcuTek software to reprogram your ECU via the diagnostic port of the car. We retain all the car's clever electronics but re-map ignition curves, fuel maps and the closed loop boost control system. The ECU remains programmable so if in the future something needs to be changed then we can. The only way to tell that that either conversion has been performed is to drive the car. There are no visual clues. Even the Subaru diagnostic tool does not show that the ECU has undergone brain surgery.

Rolling Road Tested - Our Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer measures engine power via the driving wheels in an accurate and repeatable method. Your vehicle's dyno runs are recorded in real time, and printed out in full color for your records.

Optional Extras

Exhaust Downpipe And Manifold Heat Wrapped - This serves 2 purposes. To reduce heat soak into the engine bay and to keep the internal pipe wall temperatures up to aid the removal of waste gases through the exhaust system.

Turbosmart Blow Off Valve - Features the unique variable exhaust port system resulting in superior venting of excess pressure, a popular choice for the street. Fully adjustable via Turbosmart's unique Quick Wrist action (no tools required). Supplied with full fitting kit (where required). Easy DIY fitment.

Apexi AVC-R Boost Control - The A'PEXi Super AVC-R is the ultimate boost controller. It is the only boost controller on the market boasting an integrated injector pulse monitor. It is the only boost controller on the market engineered to increase boost response (up to 1500 RPM in some vehicles). The A'PEXi Super AVC-R is the only boost controller with an RPM-specific self-learn mode which allows the boost controller to memorize the boost characteristics of a particular vehicle and adjust the boost pressure accordingly. This allows the unit to control boost unlike any other unit on the market. Vacuum and boost pressure are shown on the unit's easy-to-see display. A series of colored LED's also serve as a bar graph and monitor for the unit's various functions. The booster controller is a boost duty setting that allows the user to control the amount of boost overshoot. The Super AVC-R is the only boost controller that combines the self-learning mode with an RPM specific overshoot protection feature for unparalleled boost stability. There are no dangerous calibration modes associated with Fuzzy Logic systems.To control boost, the Super AVC-R uses a high-quality solenoid valve as opposed to a stepping motor. This is the same technology that was used on the turbocharged Honda F-a race cars. These solenoid valves are proven to control boost more accurately and are much sturdier in design and construction than a stepping motor. The Super AVC-R reads information from an injector pulse signal wire from the vehicle's ECU and a self-contained pressure sensor. The signals are then interpreted by the AVC-R and used to control the solenoid valve. Gear Judge Feature allows full boost to be achieved in every gear giving huge gains in performance. Switchable settings allow for low and high boost to suit driving conditions.

GRD Water Spray System - The system automatically sprays the intercooler when the turbo boost pressure reaches a preset and fully adjustable level. This helps to reduce charge temperates, which in tern allows greater ignition advance giving a significant rise in Horsepower and Torque levels. The car's standard intercooler spray warning light also gives warning of low water levels making this system reliable and easy to use.

GRD STI Hyper Sinlge Plate Clutch Package

Exedy Racing Hyper Single Plate Clutch - The Exedy Hyper Single Plate Clutch is designed for high torque capacity with "reasonable" steetability. The friction facing material is cerametallic to bundle the abuse of highly modified engines. Again, with all cerametallic clutch systems, some chatter should be expected on low rpm startups. Featuring a single spring damper for both discs, this clutch design has strap lift and drive for both the pressure plate and the intermediate plate. A patented system evenly lifts both the main pressure plate and the intermediate plate providing a "clean" release for streetability. Comes with lightened Racing Flywheel.

GRD STI Stage 1 Brake Package

EBC Red Stuff Ceramic Pads Front & Rear - This is a truly impressive fast road pad for repeated heavy braking. It emits far less dust than semi-metallic pads and has been proven to stop a saloon car 13 metres quicker than OEM pads from 100mph/160kph. Features EBC Brake-InTM surface coating which conditions rotor surface and accelerates pad bed-in.

EBC Turbo Groove Discs Front & Rear - The wider slot actually draws cool air across the pad surface keeping pads and rotors cooler. They also expel dust, dirt and hot gases better than fine slots which eventually fill with rust and scale and become ineffective in our opinion. The blind drilled holes break down surface gases when braking from speed but do not weaken the rotor cross section as can happen with through drilling, thereby lessening the chance of rotors cracking over time and heavy use.

GRD Full Vinyl Sticker Set

Full GRD Vinyl Car Set - Includes 3 large Greenwood Racing Developments logo's, 2 large GRD logo's and 2 web site address (www.greenwoodracing.co.uk) logo's.