GRD WRX Stage 3 - 340.4BHP Running GRD Bio-Methanol Fuel For Track, 322BHP Running Millers Octane Boost (+2Ron) & Shell V-Power Fuel For Road

This car has the following Packages installed.

GRD WRX Stage 3 Tuning Package With Optional Extras

VF35 Turbo - The IHI VF35 is found on the STI UK models.

De-Cat Up Pipe - Unlike the WRX, this Up Pipe has no restrictive Cat increasing flow and compliments our 2.5" Stainless De-Cat System.

STI Top Mount Intercooler - As Fitted to 2001 - 2005 STI. The STI Intercooler's larger surface area generates a lower intake air temperature allowing greater ignition advance and more power.

Free Flow Air Box Panel Filter - High performance replacement for the original panel air filter. Constructed from a cotton weave which increases air flow by upto 40%.

Syntek Motorsport Fuel Pump - A crucial part to any engine modifications, is the ability to reliably supply your engine with enough fuel. This pump directly replaces the standard unit and has the ability to supply 2.25 litres per minute @ 5 bar pressure. The standard pump generates 1.1 litres per minute @ 5 bar.

STI Fuel Injectors - They are 550cc and will improve your fuel delivery for high safe horsepower when used in conjunction with one of our Fuel Pumps.

EcuTek ECU - we use EcuTek software to reprogram your ECU via the diagnostic port of the car. We retain all the car's clever electronics but re-map ignition curves, fuel maps and the closed loop boost control system. The ECU remains programmable so if in the future something needs to be changed then we can. The only way to tell that that either conversion has been performed is to drive the car. There are no visual clues. Even the Subaru diagnostic tool does not show that the ECU has undergone brain surgery.

Rolling Road Tested - Our Dyno Dynamics chassis dynamometer measures engine power via the driving wheels in an accurate and repeatable method. Your vehicle's dyno runs are recorded in real time, and printed out in full color for your records.

Optional Extras

GRD Drag Exhaust System - Weighing in at just 16KG`s this exhaust is possibly the lightest on the market - a massive 40% lighter than the standard system. Using fully slip jointed stainless steel construction this exhaust gives exceptionally good flow as it utilises a very straight and smooth exhaust path.

With a unique Screamer Pipe design this exhaust system vents exhaust gases seperately from the exhaust turbine and turbo waste gate through a main 3" pipe and a second 1.5" pipe. Other exhausts on the market use an open neck design causing the paths of the exhaust gases collide once the turbos wastgate is opened, causing exhaust gas turbulance and reducing the speed at which gas can flow creating backpressure. This in turn slows down the turbo reducing the speed at which and its ability to flow air and causes exhaust gas to stay in the combustion chamber longer creating unwanted heat buildup, lowering the point of ignition advance before detonation will occur. This exhaust will give the advantage over a regular open neck downpipe of the ability to increase ignition advance, increase the speed at which the turbo can spool up and the amount of air which it can flow. All leading to a significant increase in both power and torque.

Turbosmart Blow Off Valve - Features the unique variable exhaust port system resulting in superior venting of excess pressure, a popular choice for the street. Fully adjustable via Turbosmart's unique Quick Wrist action (no tools required). Supplied with full fitting kit (where required). Easy DIY fitment.

GRD Cold Air Intake - By eliminating the standard airbox resonator and snorkel we are able to source cold air directly from custom vents in the front foglight cover. This helps to dramatically increase airflow to the standard airbox, lowering inlet temperates and in turn give a significant increase in both power and torque.

This package does require STI foglight covers, however we can offer these as an option on most WRX models.

GRD Stage 3 Handling Package With Optional Extras

AST SportLine Suspension - SportLine are mono-tube high-pressure, coil-over shock absorbers. Damping force on rebound and compression is adjustable in 12 positions. These shock absorbers are adjustable to several heights. Sport-Line shocks can be rebuilt and maintained. They guarantee a comfortable ride and are equipped with adjustable aluminium anodised spring seat.

Whiteline Adjustable Front Anti-Roll Bar 22mm - This is the 22mm Front Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar from Whiteline for those wanting to play with the roll bar stiffness. Their objective is to reduce sway, or bodyroll, and stabilise a vehicle under lateral (cornering) forces.

Whiteline Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar 24mm - This is the 24mm Rear Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar from Whiteline for those wanting to play with the roll bar stiffness. Their objective is to reduce sway, or bodyroll, and stabilise a vehicle under lateral (cornering) forces.

Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit - Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit (ALK) is designed to add 0.5 deg static positive castor to both front wheels while introducing a substantial amount of front anti-lift. The anodized alloy mounts coupled with the low compliance polyurethane bushings oppose front lift under acceleration while delivering up to +1 degree more positive caster. This leads to superior traction, reducing understeer allowing more power, faster acceleration and cornering. The additional static caster coupled with the new firmer bushings, deliver more dynamic caster dramatically sharpening initial turn-in response, forcing more consistent alignment angles through the corner allowing higher exit speeds.

Optional Extras

Whiteline Rear Drop Links - These forged aluminium links reduce flexing and therefore effectively increase the rear roll bar stiffness; this helps reduce any natural tendency to understeer.

Whiteline Steering Rack Bushes - These replace the standard Steering Rack Bushes and offer a better steering wheel weight and more direct feel.

GRD WRX Stage 2 Brake Package

STI Brembo Front Calipers - As fitted on Impreza STI. Due to the increased caliper size 17" STI wheels or 18" wheels are required for clearance.

EBC Turbo Groove Discs Front & Rear - The wider slot actually draws cool air across the pad surface keeping pads and rotors cooler. They also expel dust, dirt and hot gases better than fine slots which eventually fill with rust and scale and become ineffective in our opinion. The blind drilled holes break down surface gases when braking from speed but do not weaken the rotor cross section as can happen with through drilling, thereby lessening the chance of rotors cracking over time and heavy use.

Goodridge Hoses - These race-bred brake lines are constructed from the finest quality hose, consisting of PTFE inner and stainless steel overbraid. They eliminate sponginess under heavy braking and increase braking efficiency while being abrasion and corrosion resistant.

AP 600F Brake Fluid - AP 600 Fluid has been developed for racing applications where higher than normal temperatures are being experienced and the ultimate in brake fluid performance is required.

Optional Extras

EBC Yellow Stuff Ceramic Pads Front & Rear - Although a full race material and capable of high temperature use with very good wear life, this new formulation sets a new trend in race type brake pad compounds. The “bite” from cold is superb which is uncommon with race materials (normally requiring warm-up) and makes this a pad which can be safely used on the highway as well as on the race track. This new formulation was used by numerous championship race and rally drivers in 2004 and is truly a milestone in brake pad material development.

GRD PFF7 & A048R Package

Yokohama A048R Semi Slick - The Advan A048R provides a new level of racetrack performance - combining the latest advances in road legal racing tyre design, construction and compounding. It's cutting edge design gibes you more precise control in high speed lateral transitions, a beeter footprint under braking and a predictable level of grip at high slip angles.

Prodrive PFF7 18" Rims - Prodrive’s PFF-7 wheel is a seven spoke design which uses special flow forming construction techniques. These enable the wheel to be made lighter than standard die cast wheels without sacrificing any of the wheel’s strength or durability. The wheel is manufactured for Prodrive by Speedline in Italy and is available as an 18" rim in bright flitter or gold finish.

GRD Aero Package

GTC-300 Wing - With a span of 67 inches and a height of 13 inches, the GTC-300 is an adjustable wing that means serious business. The GTC-300 3D airfoil shape allows for optimal airflow that reduces drag yet supplies an effective amount of downforce.

Front Wind Splitter - To combat the effects of front end lift, Front Wind Splitters are utilized to give extra traction and control in the front of a car. By creating a high pressure area on top of the wind splitter, high pressure air flow is restricted to flow underneath a car. With low pressure below the car, the effect of lift is reduced and a driver can gain from the extra traction and control.

Front Bumper Canards - Front Bumper Canards are the perfect answer to aerodynamically tune the handling for the front of a car. Made of lightweight and durable carbon graphite composites, Front Bumper Canards help increase front downforce at high speeds. The added downforce stabilizes the cars chassis during hard cornering and increases traction for faster lap times.

Every Front Bumper Canards set includes 4 canards and screws & bolts to attach the canards to the front bumper. This will allow you to customize your cars front end downforce by either installing two flaps or creating maximum downforce with a full set of four canards.

Formula GT3 Mirrors - When it comes to reducing aerodynamic drag to a car, the Formula GT3 Mirrors are an excellent choice. The Formula GT3 Carbon Fiber Mirrors are designed to give race inspired looks with the functionality of reducing drag and eliminating blind spots with wide angle mirror lenses.

GRD Full Vinyl Sticker Set

Full GRD Vinyl Car Set - Includes 3 large Greenwood Racing Developments logo's, 2 large GRD logo's and 2 web site address (www.greenwoodracing.co.uk) logo's.