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Syntek Motorsport Fuel Pump - A crucial part to any engine modifications, is the ability to reliably supply your engine with enough fuel. This pump directly replaces the standard unit and has the ability to supply 2.25 litres per minute @ 5 bar pressure. The standard pump generates 1.1 litres per minute @ 5 bar. Fits all Impreza Models.
110.00 inc. VAT

Hyperflow Engine Oil Cooler Kit - An oil cooler has a number of advantages: it increases the volume of oil in the system which means each unit of oil is doing less work, and lowering the oil temperature will reduce engine operating temperature dramatically.
471.00 inc. VAT

Hyperflow Oil Catch Can - Oil vapour can rapidly reduce the octane level of fuel by contamination of the combustion chamber. By diverting this vapour and allowing it to condense in an oil catch tank, you not only remove this vapour and unwanted crankcase pressures, but also help reduce the chance of piston detonation.
'01 - '05: 178.75 inc. VAT
'06 onwards: 192.16 inc. VAT

Hyperflow Anti-Surge Fuel Pod - It is recognised that fuel surge does occur with light fuel loads in the Subaru WRX, leading to starvation. This shortens range on the track and adds mass to the vehicle, with unnecessarily high fuel loads for Super Sprints and track racing.
120.66 inc. VAT

Hyperflow Race Oil Sump - Fitted with a sophisticated internal baffle system for enhanced surge control under extreme G Force conditions. The Sump provides a number of benefits when compared with a standard unit. A 35% increase in Oil Sump capacity. A finned Billet machined base plate to significantly increase cooling. Heavy Duty Alloy construction and thick billet base plate to reduce chance of puncturing. Two levels of internal baffling to dramatically reduce oil surge. Precision machined billet mounting flange - perfect fit.
500.50 inc. VAT